Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps

Screw On Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps

Give stainless steel a whole new meaning with these luxurious adjustable screw on nipple clamps. Cast in high quality steel and hand-polished to perfection, the hygienic metal finish is sleek and nonporous. while the design is body-inspired and made to excite. This masterpiece comes in its own discreet storage case. The premium steel pieces are great for temperature play so stick them in the freezer to cool things down, or place them in a bowl of hot water to heat things up. Avoid abrasive cleansers to prevent scratching. Size: Width 1" / 2.5cm, Circumference 3" / 8cm.


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Magnetic Stainless Steel Nipple Clamps

These beautiful magnetic nipple clamps will stimulate giving you amazingly increased sensations, as well as looking fabulous. By simply pulling apart the clamps and allowing them to close around your nipples, you encase your nipples in shiny steel, complete with diamante crystal detailing to give your body beautiful decoration. These high quality nipple clamps will stun and amaze you. Beautifully presented and coming in their own presentation box for you to store and hide them until the mood takes you. Great for temperature play, so why not heat things up in the bedroom. Height: 0.25 inch/6 mm Inner Diameter: 0.75 inch/19 mm Weight: 0.75 oz/20 grams


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